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Flash Unparalleled Performance

Introducing Hub v2.

The magic has arrived. Experience ultra fast website and advanced performance options with Hub v2.

Pushing the limits.


Google PageSpeed Score
Hub v2 dramatically improves your scores on both mobile and desktop.
Unparalleled Performance

Today, we’re taking Hub to the next level with dynamic CSS, combined JS, optimized Bootstrap, removable scripts, SEO improvements, and more. Now, it’s time to experience huge performance jump from the previous generation.

Hub v2

Hub v1.5

Based on Google PageSpeed Scores.

Dynamic css

Now, Hub can analyze your page content and avoid unnecessary CSS files. Seperated utility classes also eliminates the same CSS rules. Smart CSS can reduce your file size up to 80%.


Smaller CSS File

In order to load your site faster, thousands of lines of code is now broken into smaller components so none of the styles are loaded unless needed.

*Compared to Hub 1.5

Flash Unparalleled Performance

Combine JS to reduce HTTP requests

Manage Javascript files to combine with a single click and reduce HTTP requests.

Hub v2

Hub v1.5

Lower is better.

Advanced Options Thunder image

Better SEO Ranking

Avarage TTFB. Lightweight theme files reduces your site’s first response time.

PageSpeed Score

Load only what you need


Dynamic CSS

· Dynamic CSS can reduce the CSS size up to 80%.

Custom Scripts

Optimized Resources

Less HTTP Requests

Disable Animations And Carousel on Mobile

Control 🎛️


Hub is extremely light. Rock-solid structure and next-generation technologies deliver the maximum performance with minimum resources. But we haven’t stopped and added more options to make sure not a single line of code is loaded unless needed.

We have good news if you are not a fan of Gutenberg. Now, you can remove its CSS with a single click.

Disable Google Services and prevent 3rd party connections to your server unless needed.

Thanks to the new architecture, Hub requires fewer resources from your servers.

Achieve better performance and ranking with Hub v2.

Control how and when your fonts and Fontawesome load in the browser.

Enable Lite Bootstrap version with a single click and save up to 85% in resources.

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